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The Moeben Mission & FAQ

Moeben is currently not accepting online orders,  for more information contact Shannon at

Moeben is about providing you with comfortable and protective clothing while you enjoy the outdoors or just relaxing in style indoors. A percentage of every Moeben sale will go to benefit charities.

Here's how we do it...


Every sleeve is made to exacting specifications. Sleeves come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your personal fit requirements. The fabric is selected for maximum comfort, protection and durability. Construction of each sleeve is a detailed process with every measurement and stitch accounted for. Moeben follows these standards with each and every product.


Quality control in the factory is just part of it. First, the Moeben Racing Team torture tests the sleeves in the harshest of climates (wind, heat, cold, rain, hail and snow) and conditions during ultra marathon endurance races. Plus, we wear them out back when gardening and fighting with rose bushes, or playing tennis, golf, soccer or even on our daily walk. Moeben follows these standards with each and every product.


We are dedicated to making Moeben Sleeves and all Moeben wear an essential part of everyone's outdoor experience and wardrobe. That can only happen when we care enough to deliver you a great product.



What makes Moeben Sleeves so special?

All Moeben products are made in the U.S.A. Every sleeve is made to exacting specifications. Construction of each sleeve is a detailed process with every measurement and stitch accounted for. Moeben fabrics are made with either our UV Protected fabric, which helps protect your arms from the suns harmful rays or eco friendly bamboo and hemp to help protect our environment. The UV fabric is inherited into the fabric, so it never washes out. And, finally an arm sleeve with a handy upper arm pocket for a gel, musical device, camera, phone, you name it, most items should fit. 

What are Moeben Sleeves made of?

There are several Moeben styles. Our original UV protected fabrics are nylon or poly and are made with a lighter fabric for the outdoors and can be worn in the cold or heat. Moeben Arm Sleeves were tested in the Badwater 135 mile race through Death Valley and while keeping the hot sun and heat off of the arms, allowed runners a better performance and fewer challenges with any heat issues that could arise by not covering the skin. 

Best worn in the colder weather, Moeben offers a lightweight UV protected fleece. The lightweight fleece has also been proven to perform well in the heat since the fleece is a thicker fabric and will hold moisture in which will keep you cool as the moisture is kept in the fabric longer then the lighter nylon or poly. Runners have been known to dip their fleece Moeben Arm Sleeves in river crossings or water and once put back on the arm, their body temperatures lowered immediately helping them to run more efficiently. Moeben also carries an eco friendly line of bamboo and hemp. Both eco friendly fabrics are anti-microbial, have a natural wicking and natural UV protection. All Moeben fabrics are selected for maximum comfort and durability.

 Where did the name Moeben come from?

Named after Shannon's two oldest boys, Moe and Ben. We also will be adding  the children's line of protective arm sleeves, The Moeben "Jet" line, named after Shannon's third son, Jet!


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