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Moeben is a sportswear line created by ultra marathon runner Shannon Farar-Griefer. Running for 100 miles and more, Shannon understood the importance and demand for comfortable, convenient, and protective type clothing for the outdoor enthusiast, add a little fashion and the Moeben Arm Sleeve was made. All Moeben products are tested during 100 mile and 135 mile ultra marathons, in all weather conditions by Shannon and the Moeben running team. 

Moeben began with UV protected arm sleeves in a variety of fun colors, patterns and necessary fabrications that range from sporty to sexy! The original Moeben Arm Sleeves were designed to be your partner for the outdoors. Whether you run marathons, play soccer, golf, tennis, ride horses, cycling, gardening, hiking, bird watching, or any outdoor activity, you are aware that the weather can change suddenly. Cold mornings can switch to a hot and sunny day, and this can leave us unprepared for the change of weather. Moeben will provide you with comfort and protection from the outdoor environment and its constant change, while it helps protect you from the suns harmful rays. 

With its second skin fit, the Moeben Arm Sleeves will keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. Moeben comes in several UV protected and eco friendly fabrics. These versatile tubes of custom fabrics are to be used and abused. Pull them up, push them down, switch one with a friend, wipe your nose, or when it’s hot, dip in water or fill with ice, just have fun! No matter if you are on mile 3, mile 99 or pulling the 99th weed in your garden, Moeben sleeves will be there for you! 




Shannon Farar-Griefer's life as a tomboy in Southern California consisted of being in the outdoors hiking, skate boarding, surfing, gardening and riding horses. At the age of 35 and a mother of 2 sons seeking to lose her lingering pregnancy weight, she decided to take up running and ran her first 26.2 mile marathon. Several marathons and triathlons later, she realized the longer the run the better and started running ultra marathons, her favorite distance, 100 miles! Shannon's longest run is 292 miles, where she completed the Badwater double, becoming the “first woman” in the world to double the “official” Badwater 135 ultra marathon. 100 miles of running can take you from a race start with below freezing temperatures and snow packed mountains, 30 miles and hours later, you’re tackling the triple degree canyon heat, and that's not even half way through the race. As the race continues and the daylight ends, runners are once again facing the change of weather with brisk and nighttime temperatures. The inconvenience of changing from a long sleeve to a short sleeve and back again, or having to bring along a jacket and once it wasn't needed any longer, wondering where to drop it, was the beginning of MOEBEN. Naturally, climate extremes can take a toll on the body, add that to the continuous search of clothes with comfort and protection during grueling running events, can make it quite the challenge. 

In 2004, during Shannon's Western States 100 mile endurance run, she noticed a lesion on her arm and fortunately the one was benign, but it motivated Shannon to start thinking about preventative skin care. Being a mom and endurance athlete, and understanding the importance of skin protection, along with her own personal scare, she started researching UV fabrics, those with style and more important, comfort and durability. In search of a functional item of clothing to quench both needs (a garment that can cover her arms when needed and one with UV protection), Shannon was unsuccessful in finding UV, fashionable running clothes and accessories, and realized there was a demand, not just for runners, but for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. At 45 years old and two weeks after completing her 3rd Death Valley, Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon race, Shannon was pregnant with her third son, and was put on strict bed rest during her 7th month. A couple of months of downtime gave Shannon plenty of time to think about a multi functional arm sleeve. Shannon realized the need for a sleeve that protected the arm, and was worn in lieu of a long sleeve or jacket, and Moeben was conceived! Moeben sleeves were launched at the 2007 Western States 100 mile Endurance race and were worn by over 300 competitors in the race. Following the race, many of the competitors were running and outdoor store owners and employees, and started placing Moeben orders days after their race. Moeben went into production full force. Next, Moeben was off to the Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon, Death Valley race in July, with temperatures reaching over 120 degrees. Again, Moeben was proven for its durability, comfort and protection in the harshest temperatures and extreme conditions. Shannon saw the excitement and demand for the Moeben Sleeves, and Moeben was off and running just like Shannon, and it hasn't stopped since! From 2009 to 2011 Shannon completed six 100 mile ultra marathons, and two Badwater 135 mile ultra marathons along with her product testing team to test all Moeben products. Shannon and the Moeben product testing team run and test all Moeben products in ultra marathon races before they are put into production!

Named after her two older sons Moe and Ben, Moeben Sleeves are about providing protection, style and comfort. Moeben was voted by the New York Times as the “favorite” Arm Sleeve, beating Nike, Pearl Izumi, Smart Wool, to name a few, and the "must have" running accessory by Trail Running Magazine. Moeben made arm sleeves and active wear for TV’s hit show, “The Biggest Loser” and is now seen on anyone and everyone who enjoys the outdoors as well as “fashionistas”. What once started as a necessity from running 100 mile ultra marathons has now evolved into a sporty fashionable "must have" accessory. Shannon's passion for the environment brings Moeben's eco friendly line made of bamboo and hemp arm sleeves.  Moeben Sleeves are for the indoor as well as the outdoor with its lush eco friendly arm sleeves. Moeben Sleeves will keep you cool when it's hot, warm when it's cold and always comfortable, fashionable and easy to take anywhere! In 2006, Shannon was diagnosed with MS and Moeben was put on hiatus for a few years during her treatment.  Feeling stronger and more passionate about designing fun, functional and fashionable sportswear, Moeben now offers a full line of Active and Lifestyle Wear and will be available Spring 2018.

Shannon lives in Southern California with her youngest son Jet, two horses, two dogs, and a constant creative mind pondering on the next best functional and fashionable style to bring to the Moeben line.  All Moeben products are made in the U.S.A. Moeben was founded in 2007 and is based in Calabasas, CA. 

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