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Badwater 135 mile race in 25 days, but who's counting?

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I sure am!  Especially now, and with my latest little set back I'm feeling a tad bit insecure about running 135 miles on July 28th.  It's been over a month that I was dealing with an MS flare up, leaving me fatigued, balance issues, weakness, pain and mostly on my left side.  Fighting to make the phone call to my doctors, I saw my neurologist, who suggested my nurse come to my house and administer a 3 day back to back IV steroid treatment.  The good thing was that the IV needle could remain in my arm for the 3 days instead of having to poke me each time, because after being on the treatment with my daily injections, I never wanted to see another needle ever again, so I went off all treatment, maybe not a good idea.  But I'm searching for more of a natural treatment, i.e. healthy eating, exercise and attitude.  Still feeling weak the day following my first treatment, I decided since I have Badwater around the corner, that a walk would be ok, and what I needed to do to keep my legs ready, and even just a little walk, it would put my mind at ease that I wasn't going in undertrained, as I always seem to do and feel.  Well, I guess my body was not as strong as I guess my stubborn mind, and I took a nasty fall, putting me in the emergency room, and with 10 stitches in my shin.  I'm in bed, leg elevated, plump from all the steroids, but still have my heart set on Badwater.  I just need to get this body healthy so I can come home with my 6th Badwater finish. Barry and my youngest son Jet, have been taking good care of me and I'm so thankful for them.  My oldest son Moe, my mom and Barry all made dinner for me, wow that was nice! Most important of all including any race, is that I promised Jet that his mommy will get better soon.  My older sons Moe and Ben saw me as an ultra runner, crossing many 100 mile and 135 mile finishes, even a 292 mile finish, and saw their mom as "Supermom", I promised Jet, that I will be his "Supermom" and fight this disease!  AND I WILL! July 28th race bib#15 8:00 pm start, see you there!



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